Appalatch makes well-crafted, all-purpose knitwear in the USA.

Suited for the modern day Mr & Ms. Indiana Jones, all of our clothing is made responsibly with aboveboard sourcing, progressive manufacturing, and enduring aesthetics.  


The Shibori Dyed T-Shirt Collection

Our very, very, very, limited edition run of shirts created by us with natural indigo.
Made entirely in the USA.


Featured Items

Cotton of the Carolinas T-Shirt


FIELD NOTES How do you feel about a cotton t-shirt so fresh and local that you can still catch scents of sunshine and rain? Well, be prepared to be amazed by this revolutionary t-shirt. The Cotto...
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Custom Fit Sweater Gift Card


FIELD NOTES What could be better than giving someone a gift specifically made for them?  Probably a million dollars…but if that’s not in your budget consider giving the gift of a made-to-measure...
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Men's Indigo Dyed Wool Crew Neck T-Shirt


FIELD NOTES Hand dyed with natural indigo, the rich, blue color elevates the look of our everyday v-neck.  In T-shirts, it’s all about survival of the fittest… and this tee is very adaptable. Thi...
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