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American Made Clothing

Looking for American Made Clothing?

If you have searched for 100% made in USA clothing, you’ve probably suffered a lot of frustration. US apparel manufacturing used to be the envy of the world. Now, even though American made goods are still held in the highest esteem, American made clothing is mighty difficult to find.


In the past few decades it is estimated that over eighty percent of American jobs in the clothing manufacture industry have been shipped overseas. Sure you can find plenty of expensive clothes with brand name labels that are based in America, but hidden labels show they were made in other countries. Now there’s a new kid on the block, with an ethical, homegrown approach to clothing design and manufacturing. American made is the only disclaimer we ever plan on stamping on our clothes.


American Made Clothing with Authentic Sourcing

Appalatch is proud to make 100% American made clothing, with materials sourced solely in the United States. If you read our story you will see that making our clothing in America was the absolute starting point of the company.


And we are not satisfied to label our designs as American Made Clothing using materials made in other countries, particularly the ones with labor standards and practices that harm workers and the environment. You can be sure that when you buy a piece of Appalatch clothing, everything from the buttons to the wool was designed, sourced and built right here in the USA.


Ethically Driven American Made Clothing

We call Appalatch an ethically driven outdoor apparel company. Our American made clothing is made in America with sustainable materials from trustworthy sources. We pay our workers fair wages and consider our impact on the environment at every step of the process. Buying American made clothing using ethically derived materials will make you feel good. And Appalatch clothing will make you look good while you save the world.


Appalatch, Quality American Made Clothing

If you have any questions about our American made clothing, from the materials to the design to the manufacture, we would love to hear from you. Contact us by computer, phone or carrier pigeon. And we are hard core fiber nerds, so we would love to answer any questions about materials we use in our American made clothing, including awesome Rambouillet wool we get only from suppliers in the United States.

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