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Clothing Made in the USA

Clothing Made in the USA

Last year, only 2% of clothing bought in the USA was made in the USA. This has to do with the low costs of doing business abroad where labor costs can be as low as 2 cents per hour as well as a lack of environmental and social standards.  Clothing made in the USA is different.  Although it is costlier to produce garments here, clothing made in the USA assures that people are treated equitably and products manufactured are safe for workers, the environment and the consumers. Additionally, clothing made here creates American jobs and reduces the travel and thusly, carbon footprint of garments.


What Does Clothing Made in the USA mean?

Do not be fooled!  Many times we see products that are advertised as “designed in the USA” or “assembled in the USA”.  Even clothing made in the USA may not necessarily mean that it is a truly 100% made in the USA product.  So what do we mean by this…

  • “Designed in the USA”: A person located in the USA comes up with a design and then sends it abroad to be made.  This is the general case.
  • Clothing “assembled in the USA” means: 1) A significant make-up of the clothing must be made in the USA 2) Most of the sewing that takes place must happen in the USA. For example, if 35% of what makes up a t-shirt comes from Asia and it is sewn mostly in North Carolina, you can label the product “Assembled in the USA”.
  • Clothing made in the USA means that the clothing is all or virtually all made in the USA.  Additionally, the major sewing of clothing must happen in the USA.  For example, you can make a t-shirt that uses wool from New Zealand, thread from Mexico, fabric from the USA and sewn in North Carolina and call the clothing made in the USA.


Why You Should Buy Clothing Made in the USA

Buying clothing Made in the USA strengthens the American dream. The organization American Made Matters puts it quite simply…

  • Every manufacturing job added creates three additional jobs.  Other estimates are as high as five additional jobs.
  • If consumers spent 1% more on American made clothing, it would create 200,000 additional jobs.  So let’s spend 5% more and create 1,000,000 jobs!

For those that try to minimize their carbon footprint, think about the transport needed to get a basic t-shirt to your door.  Clothing made in the USA reduces the transportation, and in fact Appalatch’s t-shirts start from Montana and stays in North and South Carolina.

Appalatch – Clothing Made in the USA

Appalatch’s clothing made in the USA comes from American raw materials and components. Our clothing made in the USA such as our wool t shirts are thus 100% American!  The wool we use comes from Montana, and processed and spun into yarn in South Carolina.  Our fabric, thread, sewing and finishing all happen in North Carolina.  Not many shirts can claim this kind of American pedigree, and we are proud to be using the best materials, components and craftsmanship that can only come from clothing made in the USA.

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