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Wool Base Layer

Why Use a Wool Base Layer?

Wool is an amazing and ancient fabric used to make clothes from around the globe. Many other fabrics have their own selling points but they can’t compare to the versatility and classic appeal of wool. Choosing the foundational materials of a clothing line is not an easy task; there are many details to consider. Using a wool base layer in the design of all kinds of clothes offers many advantages.

  • Wool is appropriate for a variety of climates. Wool is a breathable fabric that keeps water vapor away from the body and acts as an insulator giving off heat in certain situations. This makes a wool base layer perfect for use in hot and cold weather.
  • Wool does not facilitate bacteria growth, so it does not get dirty and smelly like other fabrics.
  • Wool is a very sustainable material from the beginning to the end of its process.


Clothes with a Wool Base Layer Can Be TRULY Natural and Sustainable

Grass, water, and sun is what you find when you break down what makes wool fibers. Wool can truly be defined as biodegradable and all natural. In addition to making sure materials used to create clothes are natural, it is essential that the materials are sourced, processed, and managed in the most sustainable way possible. Companies across the United States are working towards more environmentally friendly, economically sustainable ways of doing business. Not because of politics, corporate influence, or public opinion, but simply because it is the logical, reasonable route to a stable economy, stronger communities, and long term financial success. Don’t buy products from a company that considers the terms “sustainable” and “natural” just words. Choose companies that believe sustainable and natural mean action.


Other Materials Commonly Used with a Wool Base Layer

In addition to wool there are other natural and sustainable materials that can be used to create high quality, comfortable clothing made with performance in mind. Cotton can also be sourced from organizations and businesses with the same commitment to people, the environment, and making America stronger. Synthetics can also enhance the wear-ability of natural fiber garments. It is important that any synthetics are exceptionally made in the USA.


A New Vision for American-Made Clothing

At Appalatch a new vision of the future is what inspires us, and the customers who love our wool clothes and wool base layers. This vision includes a strong, economically viable country that designs and manufactures some of the most responsible, functional, and durable products on the planet. Clothing manufacturing is a complicated process involving many steps and people. Oftentimes the process looks something like this:

Step 1 – raw materials are grown in one country

Step 2 – materials are processed and sorted in another country

Step 3 – materials are knitted and dyed in another country

Step 4 – materials are cut and sewn in another country

Step 5 – finally the product is sent to America, then sent to a distribution center, then shipped across the country to stores and eventually purchased.

This means every piece of clothing carries with it a huge carbon footprint. When clothing and garments such as our wool base layer are made in the USA it reduces transportation and creates jobs.


According to the website American Made Matters and the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, “for every $1 that is spent in manufacturing, another $1.35 is added to the economy.” Also an LA Times article published on May 01, 2012, written by Alana Semuels, and titled “Time to declare a manufacturing renaissance?” states, “…every factory job added creates three additional jobs” in the United States. As the manufacturing sector in the United States grows, it means our overall financial security will improve as a nation. Our goal is to be a part of this growth and development and to make the world a better place – one wool base layer at a time.

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