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American Made Clothes





Despite grim news reports that focus on outsourcing, clothing factory closures, and layoffs, the US garment industry is not extinct. At Appalatch, we design, source and manufacture our clothes in America using as many domestic materials as possible.



May 26, 2015 by Mariano deGuzman

Brands we Like!




We talk often about buying less but buying better and shopping responsibly which, while important, is easier said than done! There are so many different factors to consider: American made, fair trade, organic, sweatshop free, sustainable, et al. It can all be overwhelming, frustrating, and discouraging…


April 08, 2015 by Mariano deGuzman

How Custom Fit Sweaters Are Made




We spend a lot of time talking about Custom Fit sweaters in our office and around the web. To us, the creation of Custom Fit or Made-to-Measure sweaters is second nature, it’s in our blood…


Emotionally Durable Design




Have you been introduced to the idea of emotionally durable design? Admittedly, it is new to us here at Appalatch but the concept resonates with our mission. It has been like learning an untranslatable word that applies so well in many situations.


February 09, 2015 by Mariano deGuzman

American Made Giveaway!




Appalatch has partnered with Tradlands, Archival Clothing, and Gamine Co. to offer an American-made giveaway package valued at $600.


January 20, 2015 by Mariano deGuzman

How To: Sweater Laundering at Home




Appalatch sweaters are made in the USA from high quality, natural fibers. For most of the wool, alpaca, cashmere, or wolf hair sweaters that you will encounter in your life, you will find that the care label tells you the following party line “Dry Clean Only”.


January 13, 2015 by Mariano deGuzman

Give the Gift of Perfect Fit




If you are like me, at this moment you are finding it incredibly hard to believe that it is December. Not only is it December, the calendar is telling me that there are approximately 1.5 weeks until Christmas day. This is also the point where we will reflect on how this year flew by faster than last…


December 15, 2014 by Mariano deGuzman

Wool Socks Weather




We’ve noticed that we have a loyal following of wool sock enthusiasts. Diehard, buy 10 pairs and spread the good word to friends and family type enthusiasts. This makes us really happy because it means that our socks are seriously great!


December 01, 2014 by Grace Gouin

Wool Henley x Made in the USA




What makes a wool henley so special? Well, our wool henleys have a lot of great qualities, though they are proving remarkably hard to keep in stock! Many associate wool with itchy and uncomfortable sweaters or blankets, but the wool we use to make our wool henley shirts is a totally different story.


November 24, 2014 by Mariano deGuzman

Rambouillet Wool & Sheep




You probably haven’t heard of them, but they are a big deal! Rambouillet sheep are an American breed that is known for incredibly soft wool that rivals the finest sheep wool found abroad. Appalatch uses Rambouillet wool as our fiber of choice.


November 20, 2014 by Mariano deGuzman