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Pleased to Meet You

Appalatch was born about a year ago when two like-minded people met and said “it’s time for a change”. We are two very different people, with different backgrounds, which we will tell you about, but we have a similar goal, which we would also like to tell you about. In fact, we have lots and lots we would like to tell you about but I’ll start with the basics:

We make wool clothing for indoor and outdoor use. We make it in America. We do this to help change the clothing industry into something we are proud of. We pick our materials, our manufacturers, and our methods very carefully so that we produce the highest quality clothes while ensuring that people and the environment aren’t hurt in the process.. We whole heartedly embrace the North Carolina state motto “To be, rather than to seem”.

And now, after all of this work, we are ready to share what we are learning about sheep, garment care, manufacturing, the triumphs and woes of the apparel industry, fiber, sustainability, textile art, economic development, slow food and how it related to slow fashion, awesome co-operative manufacturing models, archaeology, underwater basket weaving… and I can’t promise I won’t be slipping in pictures of cats and dogs, because I love them too.

So hang tight and follow along because we are learning so many cool things, and as Mariano will tell you, I have a problem with over-sharing.

Pleased to meet you,


April 01, 2013 by Grace Gouin
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