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Kickstarter Campaign for 3D Printed Sweaters Made in America

We want to share what we’ve been working on in hopes that you’ll share it with your friends! It’s our Kickstarter Campaign to make Custom Fit, Ethically Made Sweaters in America

In a nutshell, Appalatch is an outdoor apparel company located in Asheville NC, with a plan to make the world’s first custom fit sweater program for the masses. We are striving to make super gorgeous, really high quality, custom fit sweaters using totally domestic fibers and labor. We already offer a small array of domestically made and mountain inspired goods here on our website, but we want to spread our wings.

 Here’s the video:

What makes Appalatch different?

  1. Our sweaters and other products attract people because they are ultra classic and very high quality. People love wool sweaters this time of year! We design for both women and men with one eye on performance and the other on timeless design. The result has been a unique hybrid that attracts people who are simply obsessed with wool for its performance attributes, and others who simply have an eye for quality and style.
  2. Ethics and sustainability are the back bone of all decisions we make when it comes to manufacturing. Our custom fit sweater program will help us further this mission. For example, we will be able to drastically reduce waste. 20-30% of fabric is thrown away in typical manufacturing. 3D printing sweaters means virtually zero waste.
  3. Our story is entirely domestic, everything we offer is entirely made in the USA. Clothing that is made in America is increasingly sought after, yet the brands who are 100% committed to this on all levels are few and far between. We are working to rebuild the textile manufacturing industry at home, one sweater at a time!

We are working to help reshape the future of the apparel industry, and we hope that you can help us spread the word!!!


November 27, 2013 by Grace Gouin
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