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Happy as a pig in… our wool sweater!

I know, not exactly the most detailed photo of the sweater, but when our male model revealed that he had his pet pig, Messy, in the next room… I could’t pass up the chance to meet her. She sauntered in, as cool as can be, Tim scooped her up in his arms and the moment was immortalized by this amazing photograph. Can’t you just feel the love? The paternal pride? I don’t think one of our sweaters has ever looked so good.


Now officially off preorder, our men’s and women’s shawl collar sweaters are ready to be introduced to whatever interesting pets you might have at home. If you capture any moments like this one PLEASE share. Cute animals are the best part of my job.

Here are a few other shots from that evening, taken by the talented Anna Maynard, of the amazing sweaters and bags. If you want them on your Christmas list, drop a not so subtle hint to whomever you want that they should order by Friday! They are all available here.

The leather for the backpack comes from Wickett & Craig, it’s all vegetable tanned and made in the USA. The handbag’s leather comes from Horween Leather, also vegetable tanned but hailing from Chicago. Both companies produce some of the finest leather in the country. 

A note on the hat that Tim is wearing… I knit it using wool yarn that I dyed using marigolds I grew this summer and osage orange wood chips – together they gave it that rich golden color.

Alex’s outfit is made up of our women’s shawl collar sweater with a vintage shearling hat, vintage Frye boots, and a skirt I made from amazing 100% organic and color grown cotton that has been superbly woven. Color grown cotton means that the brown color and the natural color you see in the skirt are both the color that the cotton is grown in the field, with no added dyes.


That’s all for now, we hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and a really spectacular new year!


December 17, 2013 by Grace Gouin
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