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Care Instructions + Thoughts On Washing Clothes

In this day and age, garment care has become something of a mystery that happens below the gleaming white lid of the washing machine and behind the closed door of the dryer. Dirty clothes go in, clean clothes come out. But what happens with those items that don’t seem like they should just be tossed in the washer? You know the ones… cashmere socks you got for christmas from your grandma, wool clothes, or anything with that dreaded “dry clean only” label. We think about garment care a lot and we receive a lot of inquiries about how to best care for our clothes, so we thought we would share our thoughts and delve into the subject with gusto.

Appalatch products are made from high quality wool and cotton and are meant to stick by you for the long haul.  That being said, it will require several conversations to really dig into this multi faceted topic.  Excuse us if we sound a little too excited, but we really do think of it as skill building to extend the life of clothing, save money, and take a load off Mother Earth.

Follow along with us for a three part series (for now) about garment care to learn the ins and outs of washing clothes.

To begin, take a look at our recommendations for washing Appalatch clothing and other fine wool garments. Later we will explain the whys and hows.

Stay tuned for a more detailed look at laundering, drying, and longterm care of your clothes.  We will also be making some of the items we discuss available for sale on the website, so if you want to upgrade your laundering game, you can.

August 15, 2014 by Mariano deGuzman
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