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Wool Henley x Made in the USA

The Wonders of the Wool Henley

What makes a wool henley so special? Well, our wool henleys have a lot of great qualities, though they are proving remarkably hard to keep in stock!  Many associate wool with itchy and uncomfortable sweaters or blankets, but the wool we use to make our wool henley shirts is a totally different story. The width of the individual fibers is so fine (18.5 microns) that there is no itch factor while you wear your henley, just comfort.  Another wonderful quality of the wool henley is that it is machine washable without fear of felting. We recommend that (for environmental reasons) you hang dry your clothing, but in case you find yourself in a jam and you need to wear your wool henley right away, you can toss it in the dryer too!

When Should you Wear a Wool Henley?

The wool henley is basically the clothing equivalent of green eggs and ham. The style is an effortless classic that can look completely casual but still a little more dapper than your basic t-shirt. So you can wear it most anywhere! The properties of the fabric we use in the wool henley also make it a functional piece in multiple seasons – wool is thermo regulating. The wool helps to transport moisture and vapor away from the body to help keep you cool, but can also act as a great insulator when paired under a sweater!


You can wear it camping on a mountainside

or on a cross-country car ride.

Wear your wool henley on a hike,

you can even wear it on a bike!


How Appalatch Makes the Wool Henley

In order to make our fantastic wool henley, we have to start with the right wool. We found out about some remarkable sheep living in Montana (and now in other parts of the country too) called “Rambouillet”. They are cousins of the merino sheep you be may be familiar with and have wool that proves to be just as soft. We knew that was the wool we wanted to use for our wool henley shirts, and we loved that it’s domestically grown!

After the wool is cleaned in South Carolina, it’s given to some spinning and knitting experts so that it can be made into top-notch fabric. As it turns out, those experts are also located in North and South Carolina, which means the wool henley does not need to travel far during its creation. Once the fabric is made it’s sent over to our friends at Opportunity Threads in North Carolina. They are a worker-owned sewing cooperative, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with them. They turn the fabric into the amazing wool henley shirts, and this is where you come in! We put them up on the website and sell them directly to you! That way you can get them at a price you can afford, and we can keep true to our domestic supply chain. Then, in the spring, the sheep are sheared again, and the whole process starts over – from the sheep to your front door!

November 24, 2014 by Mariano deGuzman
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