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Give the Gift of Perfect Fit

If you are like me, at this moment you are finding it incredibly hard to believe that it is December.  Not only is it December, the calendar is telling me that there are approximately 1.5 weeks until Christmas day.  This is also the point where we will reflect on how this year flew by faster than last…  I really do love the holidays but I find myself always wishing for more time to savor this time of year.

Unless you are the picture of preparedness, with all of the gifts you plan to give neatly wrapped and organized,  you will appreciate the simplicity of what I am about to suggest.  Shopping for most people is challenging.  Most of us do not have a specific, perfect item in mind for each person on our list. Despite that, I think that most of us want to give gifts that are useful and desirable for the recipient.  This is where Appalatch’s Custom Fit sweater gift card comes in!

We enlisted the help of Quill and Arrow Press to create beautiful letter pressed gift cards that entitle the recipient to a perfect sweater guaranteed to fit their dimensions.  We think that giving experiential gifts is a bit more fun because the joy continues beyond the holiday.  The custom sweater allows the receiver to own the process of creating their very own sweater; from inputing measurements to choosing the color.  The recipient will be able to redeem this gift card to create their new favorite sweater! 

Our sweaters are made-to-measure from 100% domestic, Rambouillet wool.

What could be better than giving someone a gift specifically made for them? Probably a million dollars…but if that’s not in your budget consider giving the gift of a made-to-measure sweater. Our sweaters are useful, stylish, and made to last for years and years. By taking individuals measurements we are able to knit sweaters that are perfectly tailored to ones body.  The sweaters are a classic, crew neck cut and are made of  21.5 micron, Rambouillet wool from Montana.  They are made using a process comparable to 3D printing in our office in Asheville, NC.

Sooo, for those stragglers on your list give the gift of perfect fit!  Orders placed by December 19th will arrive by December 25th (that’s what USPS says, anyway…)!  That is, the gift card will arrive, not the sweater.

December 15, 2014 by Mariano deGuzman
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