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Wool Socks Weather

We’ve noticed that we have a loyal following of wool sock enthusiasts.  Diehard, buy 10 pairs and spread the good word to friends and family type enthusiasts.  This makes us really happy because it means that our socks are seriously great!  Good socks should be faithful companions for years and years.  They should be tried and true for early mornings scraping frost from the windshield and late nights padding around the cold house.  They should not itch, not smell, and should not prematurely wear thin.  With confidence I can say that our socks meet these criteria.

Our socks are made in North Carolina.  Never wanting you to sacrifice ultimate function for the classic dress sock, we paired up with Defeet to make our the Black Balsam sock.  Merino wool, which keeps your feel comfortable and smell-free, is paired with nylon and elastic for durability and a snug fit. Top that off with high tech knitting structures designed for high performance athletics and you have a sock destined for success.

The Roan Mountain Hiking sock was made with a little extra padding around the bottom for extra warmth and cushion. The wool has all the same moisture wicking properties you already know about, and the little extra nylon and elastic keep it durable and fitted to your foot for years to come.

Our Tall Mountain Crossing sock is a classic knee high that will never leave you cursing the heavens as it rides down and pools at the bottom of your boot by the end of the day.  These socks are designed to fit snug to the foot and calf, no slouching or bunching.

Socks are a foolproof gift to oneself and loved ones.  They are infinitely useful, even in warm climates.  Everyone needs socks and everyone appreciates quality socks.  I’ve never once been given a pair of socks that I didn’t wear.  Have you?  If you have a few hard to by for folks consider socks as a holiday, host, or winter birthday gift.  Stuff your stockings with socks? 

December 01, 2014 by Grace Gouin
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