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American Made Clothes

Apparel Made in USA Still Exists

Apparel made in US is not a dinosaur. Despite grim news reports that focus on outsourcing, clothing factory closures, and layoffs, the US garment industry is not extinct. At Appalatch, we design, source and manufacture our clothes in America using as many domestic materials as possible.

If you support the American textiles industry by buying apparel made 100% in USA, you’ll help the American Made movement grow, as well as the US economy, the amount of manufacturing jobs here in the States, and the numbers of companies who can honestly label their apparel Made in USA. 

Ethical Appalatch Apparel Made in USA

Apparel made in America can help change the world. Globally manufactured goods may have a cheap sticker price for American consumers, but exploited workers and pollution are two of the high costs that aren’t directly seen at the cash register. Recent tragedies in Bangladeshi factories demonstrate the worst consequences of the globalization of the apparel manufacturing industry. Outsourcing has often led to unfair treatment, low wages and, in some tragic cases, unsafe working conditions. Be the change you want to see by purchasing only quality apparel made in USA.

Support ethical manufacturing practices when you support garment manufacturers in America. Look for quality apparel made in USA by well paid, well treated American workers. Look for apparel made in USA by ethical companies like Appalatch.  There are many resources and lists for locating similarly minded designers.

Eco-Friendly Apparel Made in USA

Environmental sustainability is every bit as important to us as ethics. There are several reasons why our apparel made in USA is eco-friendly by design:

  • When you buy apparel made in America you reduce your carbon footprint by limiting shipping distance.
  • 100% wool means that our clothes are long lasting. Reducing your consumption is one of the smartest ways to help. Buy a few quality pieces of apparel made in USA instead of a closet full of cheap, fast fashion pieces made overseas.

You can make a big difference in the world. No matter where you get your clothes, read labels carefully to make sure you are getting responsibly and ethically manufactured pieces.  Buy less but buy better!

May 26, 2015 by Mariano deGuzman
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