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How Custom Fit Sweaters Are Made

We spend a lot of time talking about Custom Fit sweaters in our office and around the web. To us, the creation of Custom Fit or Made-to-Measure sweaters is second nature, it’s in our blood…

fully-fashioned knitting machines and a algorithm we developed to translate your measurements into a program that the machine can read. The knitting machine reads the program and knits the pieces to exact specifications.

The sweater pieces fall out of the bottom of the machine just like pages from a printer. Once the front, back, neck, and sleeves of the garment are knit down, they are then linked together by hand. Linking is the process that binds all of the sweaters components together. It is considered a more durable construction method than other, quicker practices. The sweater then goes through a process of finishing, washing, and steaming, before at last being prepared for shipping.

While there is a tremendous amount of technology used to create custom sweaters in our tiny office in Asheville, there is an equally large human element involved in the manufacture of each garment.  Grace, Allyson, and Desi follow each sweater from measurements to programming to knitting and finally linking.  These steps involve a watchful eye and a skilled hand to ensure that every aspect is completed perfectly.  Through the process they account for each individuals unique fit and call each sweater by its future owners name. These ladies are working hard to make sure that each person receives the best fitting sweater possible!

Take a look at the options available for your Custom Fit sweater in our store!

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