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Authentic Sourcing

Appalatch is an ethically driven apparel company with a rebellious spirit to upend the clothing industry for the good.


Guiding us are our ideals to make high quality, affordable, honest clothing in America. Appalatch’s aesthetic is rooted in time-honored designs with a nod towards purposeful, enduring & eclectic American style.

Combined with trustworthy, sustainable fibers and techie outerwear engineering, our clothing is made for the modern-day Mr. & Ms. Indiana Jones.

Rebellious Pricing 


Because American made clothing should be made without compromising on quality, style or ethical responsibilities, we have taken a revolutionary approach to creating and selling our clothes.

Not many brands actually manufacture their own clothes anymore.  We do in downtown Los Angeles within NIMBLY's on-demand micro-factory!  What this means is that we significantly reduce the costly mark-ups that brands pay throughout the complex, highly-orchestrated supply chain and are able to pass on the savings to you. 

We refuse to make low-quality clothes or charge outrageous prices.



Today, American products hold the highest cachet in the world.

 This has come from a rich history when US apparel manufacturing was at its peak.  Unfortunately, times have changed...


Only 2% of the clothing bought in America today is made domestically.

In the past 20 years, America lost 80% of apparel manufacturing jobs.


Luckily, there are still people with extraordinary skills that remain.
We know because we found them.



 We have pinpointed 100% of the key elements needed to produce exceptional apparel in the United States
We partner with these creators to make time-honored, durable, and ethical clothing you will be proud to wear for years to come.



To deliver honest, high-quality clothing to you, we developed four criteria;

any design, material, or manufacturing process we practice stands up to these standards:


No more fast fashion. Our clothing is meant to eclipse trends and designed to withstand obsolescence

Simply put: Cost = Quality. We will not pay or ask others to pay any amount that does not reflect the quality or craftsmanship required to create superior product and sustain communities creating it.

We require that our clothing withstand the test of time. Our goal is to create heirloom quality clothing that can be handed down to the next generation. One day the hand-me-down will be the new new.

Appalatch is built upon an ethical foundation. Our clothes are meant to be empowering by treating everyone and everything we touch with the utmost respect and honor. This is how we design, source and sell our clothing to you.

"Our clothes are designed to be worn crossing mountains or main streets.  We stick to the idea that less is more, believing a few well-made, signature pieces will serve you much better than a surplus of poorly made garments".





Material sourcing is the foundation of a high-quality product. We only source materials that come from the best yarn spinners in the world.  Not only do we use American Supima cotton and US Rambouillet wool spun in legendary American yarn houses such as Kent Wool in South Carolina and Buhler in Georgia, we source our cashmere and alpaca yarns from houses such as Cariaggi in Italy, and Inca Tops in Peru. When it comes to long-lasting products, it is essential that knitwear is made from the best yarns in the world.  

Clothing manufacturing is complicated. There are many steps and people involved in the process. All can be found in America, but the thing is, clothing brands aren’t using them because, as you may have heard, overseas manufacturing is super cheap.

"We differ in that we manufacture in Downtown Los Angeles using NIMBLY's on-demand manufacturing process that allows us to only manufacture what is demanded.  We start with the best yarns we can find in the World and NIMBLY knits down exceptionally high-quality products for our customers "






We don’t believe in having a sustainability program.

Appalatch was born because sustainability shouldn’t be a buzz word that is hot today, and gone tomorrow. We want sustainability to be embedded into every company’s DNA, just like ours.

We want to make our business model contagious: start a sustainable company that can dominate traditional forms of business.

For everything we do -- from fad-proof design to paying a fair wage and practically zero-waste, on-demand manufacturing, -- we are working on a completely different, but significantly better model.

"Our belief is that in order for us to succeed, we need to ensure that people have the ability to buy our clothes and have a pristine world to use them."