We are Appalatch


We only make what is ordered, when it’s ordered.

Rather than shipping all over the world, from yarn spinning to knitting to cutting and sewing where months or even years are devoured in the concept and production phase, we can produce clothing in hours. Our input is yarn and the output is a complete, 3D knitted garment.

The final result comes with massive savings on time, energy, and overall environmental impact.
To boot, we do it all in North Carolina - a state with deep roots in the textile industry. Our hope is to help reinvigorate this beautiful place with skilled, highly technical jobs in textiles. 




Your garment starts with yarn. Because our process is so efficient, we can use the highest quality materials and offer them to you at reasonable price points.


Yarn is drawn into our machine and less than an hour later, a complete garment comes out. It’s like something from a Dr. Seuss book.


When the garment drops from the machine, we finish it with steam and then we ship it directly to you. It’s really that simple.